Me, in about 175 words...

Top 50 Ones To Watch in Ireland 2015 LOVIN DUBLIN
“…seriously talented…” LONDON METRO
‘‘The reason I use a loop pedal now is ‘cos I saw Gary Dunne use a loop pedal. I was was just blown away." ED SHEERAN
“A brutally honest songwriter.” IRISH TIMES

I was born and raised in Portlaoise, in the heart of Ireland.

I grew up in a house full of making. My parents are both makers and teachers, and my three siblings do a mix of both.

Music, arts, festivals, creativity and education, are what I know and do best.

For me, 'making' mean bringing ideas to life. At the time of writing, this mostly means programming Irish arts events in London and writing songs.

There’s also something around believing that we can ‘make’ things better. 

With a degree in Education, I’m also a highly experienced teacher. I’ve taught music at the Centre for Talented Youth, songwriting to London school kids for Battersea Arts Centre, beginners’ guitar to pensioners, and more recently mindfulness to all kinds of groups.

I make and I teach - I love both equally.

I live by the sea in Dublin, with my Swedish wife and two young sons, but work between Ireland and London.

More on my music, arts and mindfulness work on the relevant pages.

Also, in no particular order - running, meditation, Gaeilge, community, lifelong learning and family.

Feel to get in touch here.